Broadcasting & Cable has a story that describes the different ways stations are preparing for a major earthquake. For instance:

    • KPIX has built up its San Jose newsroom, which features a direct link to the broadcast tower.

    • KTVU vp and gm Tim McVay says Channel 2 is prepared to broadcast from sister KICU in San Jose should the main station be shut down.

    • KTTV Los Angeles veteran reporter Christina Gonzalez keeps an overnight bag stuffed with fire-resistant gear, water pills, a knife and a toothbrush, along with a printout of state laws regarding reporter access to disaster zones, in the truck for emergency reporting.

    • KCBS-TV Los Angeles is looking into an out-of-state telephone hub should all in-state communications fail;

    • Some news directors send trucks home with photographers each night, eating the cost of wear and tear and gas for the luxury of having the rigs spread throughout the market, not isolated at headquarters.

    • KPIX vp/news director Dan Rosenheim says an operations manager has repurposed a Slingbox (a consumer product that allows viewers to watch local television remotely) to get live shots from some 50 fixed cameras around the market. “We do it quite routinely now,” he says.

    • KPIX has can air KCBS radio hosts in their studio should the TV station be unable to get its talent on-air.

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