Disgraced KGO-AM liberal talk show host Bernie Ward has been transferred from a federal detention facility in Dublin to a prison in Oklahoma, according to ABC7’s Dan Noyes. Ward is serving a seven-year sentence for child pornography.

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  1. Ward was sentenced to 7 years, not 17 years, and it wasn’t just for looking at some pictures. He sent pictures of children having sex with adults to somebody who reported him to authorities. That’s a crime, even if you like his politics.

  2. This is the first comment I’ve made online about Bernie. Bernie Had been a friend of mine for quite a few years. I can say and it saddens me to say that he is infact guilty of the child porn. Weather it really started out as a book research we don’t know. As his friends we hoped, But his has admited his shame and sorrow for his actions. This is not to excuse what he’s done. I just read all these comments on people who still think it was some conspircy or something. Sorry to say it is not.

  3. What happened to all the other people involved in this? Answer? NOTHING. So why is only Bernie being jailed? I hope Bernie writes a book-there’s something not right.

  4. I think your “gut” needs a colostomy. The plain and simple truth is that Bernie’s a sick perv, period…… you can try to wish it away, you can throw up a blizzard of rationalizations and ad hominems, but all the evidence points to a deeply disturbed individual who should’ve sought help years ago.

    Ok, go back to living in the land of denial..sad

  5. My gut instinct is that Bernie Ward is innocent despite the appearance of guilt….despite very sophisticated manipulation. He was an effective and dangerous crusader who stuck his neck out…the kind that attracts staunch ennemies. My gut instinct has been more often on target during my 65 years as a woman.
    I wonder how many of you bloodthirsty ‘humans’ are lily pure and how many of you have stuck YOUR neck out for a just cause.

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