Listeners to Karel’s show on KGO-AM 810 on Saturday heard the host unleash obscene tirade about Joe the Plumber. Apparently Karel (pictured) thought his mic was off during an ABC News break.

A story about John McCain and Joe the Plumber started, and Karel is heard saying, “F— g–damn Joe the g—damn plumber f—ing plumber. I want motherf—-ing Joe the Plumber dead.”

The FCC has been imposing six- and seven-digit fines for on-air obscenity, even when those words are said by accident. No word yet on whether KGO will discipline Karel, whose real name is Charles Karel Bouley.

Brian Maloney, who blogs about the radio industry (, says the usual procedure for a station is to fire the engineer. But he says the flap is intense enough that it might take down Karel himself. (Photo via

SF Press Club News


  1. KGO should fire Karel! He is a racist hate monger that should not be polluting our airways. Whether he is wishing death to republicans (Joe the Plummer) or being racist by calling democrat president elect Barack Obama by his middle name. This is beyond partisan politics: He is spreading hate and there should be no room for this in our society!

  2. A quick Google search confirms that no Bay Area newspaper reported this story even though it was reported on Drudge and several other online sources. Thanks for following up.

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