KGO-AM has temporarily suspended Charles “Karel” Bouley while management decides what it should do after he unleashed an obscene tirade against Joe the Plumber while he thought his microphone was turned off.

“It’s a personnel matter and it’s under review,” operations director Jack Swanson told Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah McBride. “It is clear what happened wasn’t intentional.”

Karel’s 7-10 p.m. timeslot this coming Saturday will be pre-empted by a Cal football game anyway; the station still hasn’t announced who will fill in on Sunday from 7 to 10. Karel has been in the running to become the station’s permanent host from 7 to 10 weeknights to replace Bernie Ward.

The Journal said Karel apologized for the outburst on the open mic. “I was, and am deeply sorry that went out,” said Bouley, who called Wurzelbacher “an actor playing the character of Joe the Plumber.”

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  1. Take it from a right winger…Karel only said what many on both sides of the aisle were thinking; “This Joe the plumber thing, and that maverick thing are driving us ALL crazy!” Let him apologize to all those that are jackass enough to think he actually meant to transmit any of that over the air, and just put him back on the air. KGO will never be the station that KABC is, but they sure don’t have to cave in on such an obvious human error. Even I, who voted for McCain, don’t blame this guy.

  2. Karel is my favorite radio talk show host of all time. He is reliably interesting, often funny and always endearing. I miss him SO MUCH already!!!

    I agree with the commenter who said that John Rothman is frequently dry & boring. Christine Craft is the obvious choice to get the permanent 10-1 time slot, if KGO is not going to display the loyalty or heart that they owe to Karel. Losing Karel, after the trauma of losing Bernie is just TOO MUCH to bear.

    KGO cannot be blamed for Bernie's shocking and creepy offenses—but FIRING Karel over a mistake!!! This is just WRONG.

    Firing Karel will cost them at least one listener–and I believe other listeners will join me.

    Wherever Karel ends up, is where my radio will be tuned into.

    Good Bye KGO! 🙁

  3. Please give Karel another chance. He is so much fun to listen to and clearly the mistake wasn’t his fault. As for the slot, John Rothman puts me to sleep as soon as I hear his voice! Please don’t put him on permanently. In my opinion, Chritine Craft is by far the best choice (besides Karel,) she has paied her dues and seems only to be discluded for a real slot because she is a woman. Regardless of the open time slot, I hope they let Karel back at least to sub. His punishment is too harsh! We will really miss him!

  4. I hope that KGO will bring Karel back soon. I listened some to the “replacement” host tonight 11/9and prefer Karel. Karel is the best choice to replace Bernie. Karel (1) didn’t intend to drop f-bombs on air and (2) apologized appropriately, so KGO, please reinstate Karel! He’s so genuine and entertaining.

  5. KGO had to discipline Karel–and do it promptly–or risk being fined by the FCC for Karel’s language on the air. KGO realizes that Karel’s faux pas was unintentional–Jack Swanson has indicated as much–but that’s hardly the point: KGO can do a lot better in filling the late evening spot vacated by Bernie Ward eleven months ago with someone other than Karel.

    Someone suggested that John Rothmann should fill the time slot. That would be a mistake. In the rare instances when an informed, articulate caller disagrees with Rothmann on the topic being discussed, Rothmann will talk over him, and/or cut him off, rather than allow him to express his reasoned argument. Yet this is precisely what makes for compelling talk radio. I second the vote for Christine Craft to fill this slot.

  6. This may finally resolve the permanent replacement question for filling the 10 pm to 1 am time slot (sorry Karel). Christine Craft is the obvious choice. Her selection of topics is usually superb, and she brings credible guests on to enhance the discussions. She is sensitive to gay rights issues–very important in this community–and of course she’s female, which will finally balance out KGO’s talent lineup. But, most importantly, listeners like Christine and will listen to her show.

  7. KGO should get rid of this person who creates nothing but division.
    He has made horrid comments about the president elect. No one is out of his line of hate and what should be done to those he hates.
    This person is very dangerous and, I believe, he has stated he carries a gun.
    We don’t need this type of person on KGO.
    Let’s have Rothman. He appreciates and values human life.
    He will also be the person of the hour with our new president.

  8. Karel has always been for Karel. Any subject on his program always revolves around him/her. He was fired from KFI in Los Angeles because of his sick attitude. It is amazing KGO hired him.
    He is a hateful, uneducated person who has no purpose except to spout his extemist words.
    This is not the first time he has commented on what should be done to those who don’t agree with him.
    The same is true of Taliaferro. These two should be removed and KGO should try to repair all the damage Karel and Taliaferro have done. These people should be removed and John Rothman should have the 10-1a.m. position. He is a briliant scholar and a most interesting person who doesn’t just talk but educates.
    Get rid of those who express the desire to kill. We don’t need them

  9. don’t fire him for being human. if there is good cause to let him go, then so be it. but he shouldn’t be fired for this. accidents happen – where would any of us be without 2nd chances?

  10. KGO should fire Karel! He is a racist hate monger that should not be polluting our airways. Whether he is wishing death to republicans (Joe the Plummer) or being racist by calling democrat president elect Barack Obama by his middle name. This is beyond partisan politics: He is spreading hate and there should be no room for this in our society! The comment on Youtube:

  11. Mike Savage has said much worse, INTENTIONALLY, while Karel has merely said what many of us have already expressed in our private conversations. Karel has apologized for not realizing his mike was open. He is NOT a racist, a bigot, or a radical demagogue, but he does get carried away sometimes with crazy passion. He will be missed if he is removed, and welcomed back when/if he is reinstated, with a BiG PAY RAISE!

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