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Karel's suspension called indefinite

KGO-AM is now calling Karel’s suspension indefinite and that the station has also suspended an engineer, according to radio critic Brad Kava’s Examiner blog. Karel and his engineer are in trouble after the host was heard using profanities including the f-word during an ABC News report about Joe the Plumber (see item below from Thursday).

The fact that his outburst happened during the news, when one would assume his mic would be off, doesn’t matter. “All microphones are on. That’s Broadcasting 101,” KGO assistant program director Trish Robbins told Kava.

Earlier in the week, KGO was describing Karel’s suspension as temporary. It wasn’t known whether the change was significant.

Who will replace Karel? On Saturday, KGO will be carrying Cal football during Karel’s 7-10 p.m. slot. On Sunday, KGO sportscaster “Kevin the Rat” will get a tryout Sunday.

Kava also says KGO on Sunday will also air a taped hour from Chicago of the National Radio Hall of Fame dinner honoring KGO president Mickey Luckoff, who has led the station at the top of the ratings for 36 years.

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