The San Francisco Examiner didn’t publish a newspaper on Tuesday, Veteran’s Day. The staff at the Chronicle discovered this fact after searching unsuccessfully all over town for a copy of the paper. The Chron’s Marisa Lagos writes:

    Executive Editor Jim Pimentel [pictured], reached in Denver (where the Examiner’s parent company is headquartered) graciously explained that we are, in fact, not insane.

    “We’re a 21st century newspaper and we produce a paper based on our readers’ needs,” he said. “We decided not to print on certain holidays when the readership is low, and this is one of them.”

    Pimentel also pointed out that we’re not quite as diligent as we’d like to think (our words, not his) — the Examiner also skipped production on Labor Day, but we apparently were too busy taking that holiday off to notice.

    It’s not a cost-saving measure, he added.

    “We produce based on readership needs, and they’re not high on day like today,” he said.

    As for upcoming holidays? Pimentel promised a paper on both Thanksgiving and Christmas, but said the 2009 holiday schedule is still being finalized. And he said that it’s not just the crazy City by the Bay: the Washington D.C. and Baltimore Examiners also took today off.

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  1. I wouldn’t miss the examiner if it went away. I’ll read anything that will tell me something new that’s relevant to my life. The examiner stopped doing that when hearst sold it several years ago.

  2. If a tree fell in the woods and there was nobody there to hear it, would it make a sound? If the Examiner skipped a day, but nobody reads it, would it matter?

  3. What a concept: Don’t publish if it doesn’t meet your readers’ needs. I assume if the Second Coming had occurred Tuesday morning, the Examiner would have called in its staff and put out a paper. Or it could have left the spot reporting to other media and put out a special section on Wednesday, with photos and analyses of the biblical event.

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