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KGO-AM fires Karel, board operator

KGO-AM has fired weekend host Karel for an obscene tirade he launched against Joe the Plumber, according to a statement the station posted on its Web site tonight.

Karel, whose real name is Charles “Karel” Bouley, thought his microphone had been turned off during an Nov. 1 news break when the famous plumber’s name came up in a story. Not only did Karel drop the f-bomb three times but he added “I want motherf—-ing Joe the Plumber dead.”

KGO, in a four sentence statement posted on its Web site, said both Karel and an unnamed board operator were fired.

Radio critic Brad Kava said he got an e-mail from Karel yesterday saying, “They silence the most prominent gay voice in the Bay, right as Prop 8 passes. How lovely.”

The FCC has been hitting broadcasters with heavy fines for obscenities, even those said by accident. No word from the commission about this incident. (Photo via advocate.com)

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