KGO-AM has fired weekend host Karel for an obscene tirade he launched against Joe the Plumber, according to a statement the station posted on its Web site tonight.

Karel, whose real name is Charles “Karel” Bouley, thought his microphone had been turned off during an Nov. 1 news break when the famous plumber’s name came up in a story. Not only did Karel drop the f-bomb three times but he added “I want motherf—-ing Joe the Plumber dead.”

KGO, in a four sentence statement posted on its Web site, said both Karel and an unnamed board operator were fired.

Radio critic Brad Kava said he got an e-mail from Karel yesterday saying, “They silence the most prominent gay voice in the Bay, right as Prop 8 passes. How lovely.”

The FCC has been hitting broadcasters with heavy fines for obscenities, even those said by accident. No word from the commission about this incident. (Photo via

SF Press Club News,


  1. The BEST decision Jack Swanson ever made was dumping this raving nut case. Any seasoned brodacaster knows you treat EVERY MIC as if it is always “hot”. This is what happens when you take a non-broadcaster and try to make one instantly by adding a transmitter!

  2. I think it’s sad he was fired, I hated his politics but loved his show. Since Obama won I would of loved to hear him do radio from a happier perspective. They should of fired the board operator not him. I don’t like who you have in his slot now Pat Thurston is boring and Christine Craft is a cowardly hack that hangs up on everybody because she doesn’t have the guts to talk to actully debate with someone and doesn’t see any irony in the fact that she still uses Bernie Ward’s nickname(Booben:Graber) for our Govenor yet she still supports Bernie ward(she even had him on her show after he was arrested and doesn’t think he should of been sent to jail since the pictures were old). Karel was your best lefty becuase he had a big heart not just a ax to grind and his show was fun to listen to. I no longer listen to KGO on the weekend. where was the gay community to support him?? SHAME ON YOU KGO, HIRE HIM BACK!!!!

  3. It was a MISTAKE. Human beings make them. And it was not a big enough or important enough mistake to warrant firing the most talented radio talk show host KGO has ever had.

    Karel is already sorely missed by his loyal audience. KGO is not the same place anymore–I miss KGO.

    I hope they hire Karel back!

  4. “They silence the most prominent gay voice in the Bay, right as Prop 8 passes. How lovely.”

    No ‘they’ didn’t- Karel fired himself with that outburst, unintended or not

  5. Good riddance! Karel’s show was so bad I changed the station whenever it came on. In fact, KGO’s late-night and weekend schedule is weak. They’re solid from am drive, Ronn Owens, Len Tillem, Dr. Dean, Gil Gross, Rosey and Greg through Gene Burns. Then it drops off the cliff. Mickey needs to work on the strength of his bench. Look for new talent.

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