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The end of Valleywag as we know it

The tawdry tech gossip site Valleywag.com will become a column on Gawker.com and its racy items about techies doing bad things will be broadened to attract a national audience. That’s the word from Nick Denton, owner of both sites.

Although Valleywag.com says it is attracting 1 million visitors a month, the site isn’t doing as well with advertisers.

Editor Owen Thomas will continue to write about the tech scene as a Gawker columnist, but the site’s other writer, former New York Times freelancer Paul Boutin, will be looking for a new job, according to NYT blogger Brad Stone. Boutin was actually a casualty of a previous cost-cutting purge by Denton, though his departure is set for month’s end.

In traditional Gawker Media style, idea of folding Valleywag in to Gawker began as a half joking posting by Thomas on Tuesday. Thomas listed ways Gawker Media could save money, such as combining titles. Denton read the post and decided to make it a reality.

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