Former KTVU Channel 2 reporter and weekend anchor Sara Sidner kept her cool amid explosions and unruly crowds as she reported for CNN in front of the terrorist-occupied Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.

Sidner left Channel 2 late last year to take a job at CNN, which assigned her to its New Delhi bureau. This week she found herself in the middle of probably the biggest story of her career.

The video here shows Sidner and her photographer being confronted by a mob of onlookers in front of the hotel. The crowd was outraged at media coverage of the terrorist attacks. They blocked her camera and she had to stop reporting for a couple of minutes while she calmly dealt with the mob.

At another point this week, Sidner was reporting live when a bomb went off behind her at the hotel. She ducked, paused, said “OK” and continued on, completely unfazed.

Sidner hasn’t forgotten about her colleagues back at KTVU in Oakland. Channel 2 aired a phone interview with Sidner during the first segment of “The 10’O Clock News” on Thursday night.

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