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Karel blames firing on Janet Jackson's breasts

Charles Karel Bouley, known as Karel, tells Chron radio writer Ben Fong-Torres that he’s talking to other radio stations after he was fired by KGO-AM 810 earlier this month for spouting a series of obscenities about Joe the Plumber while he thought his microphone was off. Karel (pictured) lives in Long Beach and did his weekend KGO show remotely. He also does entertainment reports for CBS L.A. all-newser KNX 1070.

As for his firing, Karel blames it all on Janet Jackson’s breasts. “Ever since she showed her boob, there’s been this uber-sensitivity about everything. (KGO owner) Citadel wouldn’t have cared 10 years ago.”

Karel also tried to have it both ways in his interview with Fong-Torres by saying at one point that he took responsibility for his outburst but also saying that the board operator was to blame for leaving his mic on.

“They’re called ‘engineers’ for a reason,” he said. “Granted, the host is one of the wheels on the train. I do take responsibility. I had a blowout. But at the same time, the driver was not at the wheel, so of course we crashed.” (Photo credit: Steven Underhill, Chronicle)

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