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Newspaper launches GilroyTV.com

Mainstreet Media Group, owner of the Gilroy Dispatch and other community papers, is getting into the TV business by launching GilroyTV.com, which will provide local news, information on activities and events, and features about food and dining, real estate and automotive news.

“GilroyTV combines video communication and community newspapering with technology that is both user-friendly and affordable,” said Stephen Staloch, chief operating officer and publisher of the Mainstreet Media Group. “The social relevance and popularity of this concept will help our newspapers thrive in the online world and give our audience a greater variety of entertainment and information at the same time.”

In a news release, Staloch said the news departments of Mainstreet’s publications in the area (including the Gilroy Dispatch, Morgan Hill Times, Hollister Freelance, the Weekend Pinnacle, the Santa Cruz Good Times) will contribute to GilroyTV.com. He said Mainstreet is developing targeted community channels for Morgan Hill and Hollister as well.

GilroyTV.com is also teaming up with the online network of painter Thomas Kinkade, which directs fans of the artist to affiliated Web sites and advertisers.

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