Former San Mateo County Times executive editor John Bowman, who abruptly quit the MediaNews Group-owned paper in disgust last year, has become a real estate agent. “I’m not a journalist anymore; I’m a Realtor. For 31 years, I would have laughed if you had predicted I would someday utter those words. But someday has arrived,” Bowman wrote on his blog, where he has been criticizing MediaNews since leaving the Times.

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  1. It can’t be all that long ago. 31 years later an editor becomes a realtor. 28 years later, after the Iran hostages, a decent critic quits the Chronicle — to do what next? At a recent panel on blogging and social (e) movements hosted by the Asian Law Caucus, Chronicle transportation reporter Michael Cabanatuan refused to say newspapers were headed for the trash heap or that journalism was dying — he looked at it as transforming further into multimedia. I hope he’s right.

    Chris Chow

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