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Dish TV may drop KRON in fee dispute

Dish TV tonight (Thursday, Dec. 11) may drop KRON-TV Channel 4 if the two sides cannot make a deal over whether the satellite company should pay the San Francisco independent station for its signal.

(Correction: An earlier post on the Press Club blog said Dish was going to drop KRON because a deal hadn’t been reached by a deadline of 12:01 a.m. today. However, KRON says on its Web site that the deadline has been extended to 7 tonight.)

“We have made some progress in our effort to reach a new agreement with Dish,” KRON said on its Web site today. “Based on this we extended our contract with Dish until 7 p.m. tonight. We will continue to make every reasonable effort to reach an agreement. KRON-TV4 will keep you updated.”

Dish Network couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday.

KRON and other Young Broadcasting stations want to charge Dish for the right to rebroadcast the company’s stations, and Dish doesn’t want to pay.

KRON points out that Dish customers are charged a fee for KRON. “We believe Dish should be willing to pay a small, but fair, portion of the fees you pay to DISH for the program content we provide to you,” KRON says on its Web site.

KRON is asking its viewers to call Dish TV to complain. So far, Dish has not publicly responded to KRON’s talking points.

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