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Dish TV won't pay KRON, drops Channel 4

Young Broadcasting has failed to convince Dish TV that it should pay for the signal of KRON Channel 4 and its other stations in the Midwest, and the satellite company has dropped those stations from its lineup.

KRON is telling Dish TV viewers to switch to DirecTV, cable or over-the-air TV.

KRON gives six talking points on its Web site, including the argument that Dish charges viewers for local stations like KRON, so some of those revenues should be passed along to those local stations.

According to Multichannel News, Dish TV blasted Young Broadcasting for “demanding unreasonable contract terms and an excessive rate increase” in a statement released to media in all 11 markets impacted by the impasse.

“To protect customers from unreasonable rate increases and to ensure they pay only a fair amount every month, Dish Network draws the line at such excess and challenges strong-arm tactics,” the DBS provider said in a statement.

“It is unfortunate that Young Broadcasting has forced us into this situation and caused this disruption to our customers,” said Eric Sahl, Dish Network’s outgoing senior vice president of programming in a prepared statement. “Our goal is to remain the best value for our customers and in order to do this, we need fair contracts with competitive pricing for the channels our customers want to watch. This is why we refuse to accept Young Broadcasting’s unreasonable terms.”

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