Dish TV has restored KRON Channel 4 and other stations owned by Young Broadcasting after a three-day interuption sparked by Young’s demands for payment from the satellite company. There was no word Sunday on which side gave caved. Multichannel News, which had been on top of the story over the past week, didn’t have an explanation.

Young had stated on its stations’ Web sites that it was asking Dish for about 1 penny per day for each Dish customer. Previously Dish had been retransmitting KRON and the 10 other Young stations for free. While KRON is an independent and has relatively low ratings compared to network stations in the Bay Area, the other Young stations are network affiliates in their markets, and the interruption of their signals might have resulted in a lot of complaints to Dish TV.

SF Press Club News,

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  1. This is a biased reporter who doesnt realize that KRON TV actually has some very competive ratings with all the major affiliates in the market.

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