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Pappas to lose Channel 42 to creditor

The Bay Area’s KTNC-TV Channel 42 is among 10 television stations owned by Central Valley broadcasting titan Henry Pappas that will soon change hands as the result of a bankruptcy court auction.

The successful bidder was Pappas’ largest creditor, Fortress Capital Corp., which will turn the stations over to a company called New World T.V. Group LLC, according to an e-mail bankruptcy trustee E. Roger Williams sent to employees of the stations. The e-mail was posted online by newspapertree.com in El Paso, Texas, where one of the 10 stations, CBS affiliate KDBC, is located.

According to Williams, New World is headed by Dan Sullivan and Bert Ellis, who have been in the station business for many years. Bert also owns KDOC-TV in Anaheim, an independent that serves Orange County.

The e-mail didn’t disclose any changes planned at the stations, which include CBS, Fox and CW affiliates (list). Currently, KTNC is apart of Pappas’ independent Spanish language network, TuVision. Pappas purchased the station in 1996 from a religious broadcaster who put Channel 42 on the air in 1983. KTNC is licensed to Concord and has a transmitter on the north peak of Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County.

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