With the merger of the San Jose Guild and Northern California Guild, Luther Jackson will be stepping down after 14 years as executive officer of the San Jose Newspaper Guild. The San Jose Guild’s Web site has an article summing up his career.

Jackson, 53, said he is not certain what he will do after Jan. 30. “I’d like to give consulting a try. I like the concept of the flexibility. The new world, they’ll be fewer employees and more contractors. That’s just reality. And so the question for me is: Can I thrive in that environment that’s very different than this environment?”

Whatever he does, he wants his new job to be family-friendly. He intends to spend more time with his wife, Cecilia Deck, who teaches journalism at DeAnza College, and his two sons, Martin, 11, and Alex, 15. (Photo credit: San Jose Newspaper Guild)

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