Minutes of the Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008 San Francisco Peninsula Press Club annual membership meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by President Jamie Casini.

Board members present: Jamie Casini, Jon Mays, Dave Price, Michelle Carter, Peter Cleaveland, Jack Russell, Marshall Wilson, Executive Director Darryl Compton was also in attendance in addition to several members or the organization. Board member Ed Remitz and Jay Thorwaldson were excused.

New business:

    1. Board introductions.

    2. Ballots for officers and directors.

    3. Finance report. Compton reported year to date income of $22,969, expenses of $22,242, net $726.  Asset totals: $38,770 in the general fund and $7,017 in the scholarship fund.

    4. Membership report. It was reported that membership is 172, down 10 from 2007  Renewal notices were sent in the last newsletter.

    5. Activities of the year. Casini recounted the club’s activities for the year including the annual awards program for professionals and high school students; assistance for the Carlmont High School newspaper and the updated Web site with increased activity.

    6. Plans for 2009. Casini announced plans for the upcoming year including the annual contests, scholarships and Aid to High School Newspapers project.

Open agenda

    Election results were announced. They were as follows:

      President: Jon Mays
      Vice President: Dave Price
      Secretary: Michelle Carter
      Treasurer: Ed Remitz
      Directors elected for a two year term Jack Russell and Marshall Wilson
      Peter Cleaveland and Jay Thorwaldson have another year to serve as directors. Immediate past president Jamie Casini and executive director Darryl Compton serve on the board as ex-officio members.  The board will appoint a person to complete the one-year term of director Jennifer Aquino.

Meeting was adjourned by President Casini at 6:10 p.m.

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