Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig says in an Newsweek opinion piece that one of the first things Barack Obama should do when he becomes president is get Congress to shut down the FCC. He says the agency stifles innovation and protects large corporations.

    “America’s economic future depends upon restarting an engine of innovation and technological growth. A first step is to remove the government from the mix as much as possible. This is the biggest problem with communication innovation around the world, as too many nations who should know better continue to preference legacy communication monopolies.”


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  1. So Mr. Lessig might have instead suggested (to himself) that he appoint no one to the FCC Commission? Rather than do that Lessig suggests that Obama tell congress what to do about one of their own creations. Since the present Congress rather likes telling the executive branch how to conduct its business, I’m sure the reverse would be more than welcome.

  2. The FCC is an independent agency created by Congress. I believe that separation of powers would make it impossible for any president to do what Lessig suggests. So much from this vaunted lawyer.

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