Former KGO-AM 810 anchor Mary Ellen Geist, who left radio in 2005 to become a caregiver for her Alzheimer’s-stricken father, has now written a book about her experiences titled “Measure of the Heart: A Father’s Alzheimer’s, A Daughter’s Return.” She was interviewed Sunday on KCBS’s “In Depth” program (here’s a link to the 30-minute program).

Geist left her spot as co-anchor of KGO-AM’s morning news in 2004 for CBS Radio in New York. A year later, she asked CBS to be let out of her contract so she could return home to Michigan when her father’s Alzheimer’s got to be too much for her mother to shoulder alone.

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  1. And my mother-in-law as well as my brother-in-law both died in my living room, then my parents both died 3 days apart. Had I a press pass you’d already know that by now.

  2. My mother just died of Alzheimer’s, so I was immediately curious to see what Geist had to say. Loved the excerpt she wrote, and I’m glad she did. Just as I am glad that Faith Fancher did televised reports of her fight with cancer (I was going through it at the same time)and was glad to read the “endless series” in the Chron by their copy editor. I’ll bet there are hundreds of thousands like me who appreciate rather than deprecate their writings.

  3. Mary Ellen Geist is to be commended for doing what thousands of others also choose to do. Because she is a media figure we’re fed a steady diet of laudatory pieces on their activities. The Chronicle did an endless series of articles on the cancer of one of their reporters. Meanwhile we wait in vain for Bernie Ward’s jailhouse diary.

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