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KRON un-invites TV news critics

In a bizarre series of events, KRON invited Pulitzer Prize-winning former LA Times TV critic Howard Rosenberg and former CNN correspondent Charles Feldman to appear on Jan Wahl’s Jan. 3 interview program. Then Wahl told the pair that they had been canceled due to a format change. But the format didn’t change. Instead KRON News Director Aaron Pero, in a remarkably candid e-mail, admitted the authors were bumped because they wrote a book (titled “No Time to Think: The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle”) that is critical of television news.

“I am not all that interested in a book that is going to be critical of what we do as a business,” Pero wrote in an e-mail to the author’s publicist.

Here’s a link to the media blog LA Observed and a story appearing in this morning’s edition of the Palo Alto Daily Post:

UPDATE: Late last night, KRON offered to interview Rosenberg and Feldman for a news story that would appear Jan. 3, though the sit-down interview was still off. Rosenberg and Feldman turned down the offer, saying it was insincere and the brief amount of time given to such news stories would not allow them to discuss their book in depth.

While Rosenberg and Feldman have done interviews in other markets, they have not been invited to appear on either the Ronn Owens or Michael Krasny programs — the venues one might expect to hear such authors.

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