Edward M. Gomez bid farewell to readers today in his unique SFGate blog “World Views,” which is ending as the Chronicle reduces its staffing to meet a Hearst edict of cutting 125 newsroom jobs by Dec. 31. Writes Gomez:

    Numerous other, familiar features of this website will also be disappearing, and a notable number of employees from the S.F.Gate/San Francisco Chronicle editorial team will be leaving the print/electronic newspaper as its editorial-production staff is dramatically downsized. …

    Big thanks to the many local and national advertisers who, working with S.F.Gate’s ad-sales team, have chosen to place their ads on this part of the website. In these difficult economic times, that kind of advertiser support is crucial to any journalistic enterprise. I believe advertisers who support journalistic efforts that strive to deliver a high-quality product to readers in turn deserve an audience’s support. Something to consider, perhaps, as the recession continues to unfold…

(Photo credit: SFGate.com)

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