Entertainment reporter and film reviewer Jan Wahl said Tuesday that KRON has decided not to renew her contract, according to the Daily Post in Palo Alto.

She said she learned she had been dropped last week, before a controversy erupted over News Director Aaron Pero’s decision to bar from her show Pulitzer Prize-winning TV critic Howard Rosenberg and former CNN correspondent Charles Feldman. Wahl had invited Rosenberg and Feldman to come on her program and discuss their new book, “No Time To Think: The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle.” (See item below.)

Wahl distanced herself from Pero’s decision to dump the guests.

“It’s strange and bizarre and not what journalism is about,” Wahl said. “I think it’s indicative of how the industry is changing — the people who are running TV news are different now.”

While her contract isn’t being renewed, Wahl said she still hopes to appear every other Thursday on KRON to discuss movies. And she is looking for a new TV or radio gig.

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  1. OMG! Jan is the worst movie critic! I've seen her before, but I just ran across her "interview" with Tarintino about Kill Bill again… what a hag. Instead of reviewing the movie, she criticizes tarintino's looks. And when Quinton replied back, "you're lucky I'm not there to see you", the two anchors next to her laughed! It was great! Look in the mirror lady, you're fat, very ugly, you have the most annoying voice and your taste in clothing, hats and cinema is ridiculous. God I was happy to see this. She probably has a job elsewhere now which makes me sick, (God knows why). BTW, Robert B. Livingston, how much money did Jan pay you to say good things about her? I have to know!! ����

  2. This woman was a gassy dinosaur who sullied otherwise progressive leaning cinephile cities like San Francisco with her podunk sensibility and Midwestern rube like values (see her Quentin Tarantino interview, for example).

  3. I just saw Jan on KRON I thought they dumped her? Her voice is so annoying and I agree with the other comments, she is NOT qualified. I remember her review of Pricilla Queen of the Desert. How she just went on and on how great it was. Well it was awful. My friends and I walked out. And I'm gay.

  4. Good riddance. I don't think she is even slightly qualified. Like the commenter before me mentioned, she needs to move to the Midwest and preach to those who actually agree with her.

  5. She is the worst movie critic ever. Rest assured any movie she hates will win an Oscar. She panned “No Country for Old Men”, “Dark Knight”, and “Slumdog Millionare” on KCBS. Let’s hope KCBS axes her next. She needs to review in the midwest as that is her audience, not SF Bay.

  6. I’ve been asking Santa for years to take Ms. Wahl (who has a voice for newspaper!) off Bay Area television screens for years. Who knew Young Broadcasting’s severe financial issues FINALLY made my wishes come true. Maybe Darya Folsom will be next? Please Santa, please!!!!

  7. I cannot think of a more knowledgeable and savvy movie critic, or a more engaging on-air personality in the whole nation than Jan Wahl.

    On top of that she represents the quintessence of all that is best in San Francisco.

    I hope she now gets her chance to go on to bigger and better things more deserving of her striking talents.

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