Columnist Bill Mann is out with his annual Bests and Worsts in local media, and the bests in various categories include Catherine Heenan, Ken Bastida, Michael Krasny, Bob Mac Kenzie, Rita Wiliams, John Fowler, Gary Radnich, Steve Paulson and Tom Spitz. IN Mann’s opinion, the worst include Daryla Folsom, Lee Rodgers, Gene Burns and Ray Taliaferro. Here’s a link to his column.

SF Press Club News


  1. People … people! Mann’s a COLUMNIST. He’s SUPPOSED to be opininated. That’s why outlets carry him.

    Cut some slack.

  2. Bill Mann will either “love”, or “hate” you, based on the number of times you take him to lunch. Don’t dare cross him or he’ll use his column to rip you. He did that to the late Pete Wilson and continues to rip, ad nauseum, Ron Owens.

  3. I enjoy Bill Mann’s columns, and I don’t think he’s that off-base with his annual selections for best/worse. He always picks on Darya Foslom, but the fact is she does suck.

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