KGO ABC7 photographer Dean Smith was attacked Wednesday night while covering an Oakland protest over the shooting of an unarmed man by BART police. He was photographing the protest when some one jumped him from behind and cut his face, Channel 7 reported (video).

“I got slammed in the back of the head and then on the left side of the head,” Smith said. “They tried to grab my camera. I had my hands gripped on the hand grip of the lens. They smashed my camera with something — I don’t know what it was — smashed the camera into my face, and that’s why I got the cut on my face, but they never got the camera.”

Smith was taken to the hospital and released after treatment.

SF Press Club News


  1. Here’s a breakdown… I was on foot following the Police Chopper search light after capturing an intense car fire. I split from the riot police, big mistake. I rounded the corner of Lakeside and came upon a group of about 20 to 30 ‘protestors’ trashing cars and blocking traffic on Lakeside with garbage cans and newspaper racks. Before I even had time to back out of there the group jumping on the car encircled me and hit me from behind, totally blindsided. I went down to my right knee after a hard hit to the back of my skull and left ear… and indeed, I was thinking I was in trouble. They smashed my eyepiece off of my camera with something, and it was dangling and looked pretty bad. That’s when they let up for a split second and I was up and gone, pure Adrenaline.

    Just a media punching bag and lucky as hell it wasn’t worse, those guys were looking for blood.

    I’ll be back in Oaktown Wednesday Night, I’m sure!


  2. The Commie pond scum in these parts have a long record of not being noticed by members of the media who seem particularly protective of their identity. Wouldn’t want anyone to get the right impression would we?

  3. In addition, KNTV’s George Kiriyama was hit in the arm by a tear gas can. He exclaimed on live television, “I’ve been hit. I’ve been hit.”

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