The Guild, in a bulletin to members, said it has “declined” MediaNews Group’s request that it freeze the company’s match on employees’ 401(k) plans. MediaNews is freezing the benefit for non-union workers here and in other parts of the country.

“We declined this initial request, but asked for financial information detailing the need for their proposal and the potential savings. For now, the match will remain in place for BANG-EB bargaining unit members,” the bulletin said.

The bulletin said the Guild is asking for three weeks severance per year of service in the event of layoffs, with a minimum of four weeks pay. The Guild has also proposed a new pay scale and is asking that schedules for deskers and other shift-workers be posted at least three weeks in advance.

SF Press Club News,


  1. The Guild can’t even get us an improvement in severance pay when we’re kicked out the door. That’s pathetic. Why do we have this union again?

  2. Not too long ago, the guild was asking its members to suggest ways the company could save WITHOUT resorting to layoffs. Now the company comes up with a solution and the guild spits in their face. If the newsroom is hit with any more layoffs, we will know exactly who is to blame.

  3. The union was told that if the company couldn’t stop the 401-K contributions it would have to resort to layoffs. Thank you guild for costing people their jobs. Of course, since the unit’s chairwoman doesn’t even work for the company, why should she care?

  4. That’s because you dumb shits that vote for a union are bubble heads. remember that in the end the more you cost a company, the harder they have to make cuts to improve the bottomline. think about it, every business that they were entrenched in is dead, auto, newspapers, airlines, etc. they are all having huge issues. Go Union! Idiots

  5. The guild hasn’t improved anything probably made things worse. If we could vote again today, I doubt the union would win.

  6. What makes the guild better than us average non-union workers at Media News! We have families too and we are taking it on the chin just to keep our jobs. Now this predictable move by the guild will undoubtedly cause more layoffs for non-union workers. Thank you guild, for contributing to the downfall of American Society.

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