KGO-AM, which has been No. 1 in total total audience since the 1970s and one of the most successful news-talk stations in the country, has laid off five employees including afternoon co-anchor Greg Jarrett and East Bay reporter Greg Edmonds.

Both are long-time on-air personalities. Jarrett has been at 810 for 16 years, from 1986 until 1994 as a reporter. He then became a staff correspondent for ABC News. He returned to KGO in 2000. Edmonds has been at KGO since 1979.

General Manager Mickey Luckoff’s assistant, Sue Ostrom, has agreed to take a buyout package and is retiring after 41 years at the station.

Also leaving are Internet David Rich and talk show producer Harry Hall.

We’re told that Luckoff fought the layoffs every step of the way, looking for money everywhere and anywhere. The station is doing well, but owner Citadel Broadcasting is in terrible shape with its stock falling to about 20 cents a share (Symbol: CDL). The stock is about to be delisted by the NYSE.

    UPDATE, Jan. 17: Luckoff has posted on his station’s Web site a letter explaining the departures of the five employees. [Link]
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  1. KGO has lost its integrity. I raely listen. .. all corporate , inaccurate news, tainted personalities. The air waves have been runined.!!!

  2. I love the way talent gets booted because the suits screwed things up. I'm willing to bet the corporate pea-brains who made the mistakes are still gainfully employed, and will probably get year-end bonuses.

  3. I would suggest everyone have a look at the Chicago Arbitron ratings published yesterday. Greg Jarrett came in behind The Don Wade and Roma Show on WLS. Don Wade and Roma have been doing that show since 1985. This is the first time in 25 years that they've bested WGN in the morning drive slot. It's never been close. Jarrett's predecessors Spike O'Dell and Bob Collins regularly mopped up the floor with Don Wade and his wife Roma. I would suggest the Greg Jarret Show is not gaining traction. He has yet to make a commitment. He steadfastly refuses to learn the city. I believe he would be happier back with you folks. But who wouldn't? Only a fool would stay here if a lovely little Tiburon condo were a viable option.

  4. Wow – I agree with the last comment about Greg Jarrett. I found him uninteresting and when polled by KGO on occassion I made sure they knew how I felt. Economics got him out. I'll take it.

  5. Greg Jarrett has a great-sounding voice, but, in years of listening to KGO, I’ve never heard him say anything particularly informative or insightful. Occasionally, he even bullied his co-hosts and guests on the air. I never could figure out why they kept him so long on KGO.

  6. If KGO were a standalone property, it would be making a lot of money. These layoffs were the result of a bunch of non-radio people buying a chain of stations and screwing things up every way they could.

  7. Excellent people were cut by KGO. It’s hard to find bad ones at that station. You might start taping the shows on KGO now, because someday they will refer to these days as the “Golden Days” of News-Talk Radio.

  8. I grew up listening to Greg Edmonds reporting. I will miss him. Didn’t know what he looked like til reading this, but could recognize his voice in a second. Sad on your 30th year working for a company to be let go that way. Hang in there Mr. Edmonds. Things work out in strange ways. There’s something better for you out there.

  9. I hear Mickey is retiring this summer and he must be disappointed that his years of hard work are falling apart like this just before he leaves. I wouldn’t be surprised if KGO starts replacing its local hosts with syndicated ones. This is really sad. Good station, bad owners.

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