Clear Channel laid off 1,850 employees nationwide on Tuesday including some here. Radio critic Brad Kava reports that among those losing their jobs were Laurie Roberts, longtime program director at San Jose’s KFOX-FM 98.5, deejay Greg Stone, comedian Fred Reiss and sales people Mark Fenichel and Rebecca Campos. Kava reports that all were “escorted out of the building and not allowed to pack up their things, but given good compensation packages.”

UPDATE, 9 a.m., Jan. 21:Bay Area radio authority David F. Jackson tells us that another local CC casualty was Clark Reid, program director at KNEW 910.

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  1. Why are Clear Channel stations even pretending to sound local? They should just set up several national networks that air the same stuff in every city. The ratings will probably be as dismal as they are now and it will save money.

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