Now that the Bush administration is history, would Press Secretary Dana Perino want to join the KSFO-AM 560 morning show? The secretive left wing blogger known only as Spocko, who tried unsuccessfully two years ago to get the conservative station’s sponsors to drop their ads, is at it again — this time pointing out that morning hosts Lee Rodgers and Tom Benner (aka “Ossiferr Vic”) found Perino to be quite attractive. The following is the transcript Spocko posted from a broadcast in “early December”:

    Vic: “She’s going to be out of work soon and I think she needs a place to feel at home and we have we have a need we have an opening for someone like this. We need a press secretary. And I think Dana Perino would be an excellent addition to this program.”

    Rodgers: “Would full-frontal nudity be involved in her role?”

    Later, Rodgers discussed hiring Perino with Wall Street Journal employee “Big Buck” McQuillian.

    Rodgers: “And I would assume if we were successful in luring Ms. Perino to join this program, Big Buck probably would wanna move his base of operations from the Wall Street Journal back there on the East Coast out here to also join us. I’m just guessing. I don’t know.”

    McQuillian: “If there is nudity involved, then possibly.”

    Vic: “I’m just thinking content here. What great content she would bring to the program.”

    Rodgers: “What a great rack, I know.”

(Photo credit: frame grab from The Daily Show, Comedy Central)

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