The Chronicle was among many major metro newspapers that printed an extra edition yesterday commemorating President Barack Obama’s inauguration. The Chron printed 150,000 of the extras and sold them for $1 a piece at Walgreens, BART stations and the paper’s office at Fifth and Mission. The AP reports:

    Nicole Washington, 32, of San Francisco, joined a steady stream of people who filed into the Chronicle’s classified advertising office to snatch them up.

    She bought 10 copies at $1 apiece to give to friends and family, though she also admitted some economic motivation.

    “The Obama phenomenon is an industry, so anything with his name on it – ka-ching!” said Washington, who said the Chronicle’s post-election extra fetched $7 on eBay within days of selling for $1 on the street.

In the photo, Chron pressmen Mark Arata, left, Niel Nielsen, center, and supervisor Bill McCarthy check the print quality of the Chron’s extra. Photo by Jeff Chiu, AP.

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  1. Not certain if Ebay is offering it yet, but my guess is that those who bought the Globe supermarket tabloid issue with the recent cover story “Obama – Born in the USA?” will hear a louder ka-ching in the years to come.

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