The economy is forcing nearly all media outlets to cut back, but the gay media has been hit on two additional fronts, according to the Bay Area Reporter.

First, Prop. 8 has cut off a new source of revenue for gay publications — wedding advertising. The Record, for instance, was attracting new revenue with its wedding special sections that were filled with ads from florists, jewelers, and caterers.

Second, the state’s budget crisis has meant fewer ads from state and local governments.

    Troy May, publisher of San Jose LGBT magazine OutNow, said the state’s budget problems have led to two of his ad contracts being canceled. Santa Clara County pulled its HIV prevention campaign, and the city of San Jose canceled its ads aimed at attracting gay people to move downtown.

    “It’s been really tough. We are just barely keeping our head above water,” said May …

    In an effort to bring in more cash, some publications host their own events, such as Outword, which hosts happy hour events, and Curve, which is holding parties in San Francisco and Sacramento this month to celebrate the final season of Showtime’s The L Word .

    “A lot of us are trying to be creative for our clients. They are all asking for more bang for their bucks,” said Palmer.

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