A new newspaper will be hitting the streets of San Francisco and Chicago on Tuesday (Jan. 27), one that will reprint blog posts surrounded by local ads sold to small businesses.

The founder and publisher of The Printed Bog is Joshua Karp (shown in his Chicago office), who previously founded a software company called Freerain Systems and sold it to ESM Solutions in 2007.

“We are trying to be the first daily newspaper comprised entirely of blogs and other user-generated content,” Karp told the New York Times [link]. In addition to the Times, Wired.com has written about this new venture [link].

(Photo credit: Peter Wynn Thompson for The New York Times)

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  1. Printing blogs? Maybe the reason it’s never been done is that it’s boring to a general audience. Blogs succeed because they reach narrow slices of an audience, focusing on one niche or another.

  2. Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Newspapers hire reporters to get the news. The news is published in print and on newspaper websites. Bloggers take stories from these websites and comment on them. And this paper will take what bloggers write and put it back into the newspaper. It ought to be a rip roaring success.

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