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MediaNews employees told to take week furlough

Employees of the Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, Monterey Herald and all other MediaNews papers in the Bay Area were told today that they must take five unpaid furlough days between Feb. 1 and end of March 31. The following is from the memo e-mailed to employees at noon today:

Gannett asked its employees earlier this month to take a week-long unpaid furlough, indicating the move would prevent layoffs.

The Guild responded to the memo with a statement on its Web site saying the furlough would be discussed in contract negotiations on Friday.

“All of us are aware of the difficult economic climate affecting the newspaper industry in general and MediaNews in particular. We are committed to working cooperatively with any management committed to working with us,” the Guild said in the unsigned statement. “As always, our primary goal is to minimize the impact of any cost-cutting on our memberships, and to enhancing job security in these difficult times.”

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