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Chronicle increases point size

Complaints from readers have prompted editors at the newly redesigned Chronicle to increase the size of the paper’s body copy to make it more readable. “We will continue to tweak our new as necessary based on the response we receive from readers,” the Chron said in an announcement on Page 2. The Chron has also gone back to indenting the first paragraph of stories — in the debut of the redesign on Sunday, the first line of every story was flush left.

Also this morning, the Chron ran several letters about its new look, a couple praising it and one comparing it to the launch of New Coke. Two noted similarities to USA Today. It just so happens that Editor Ward Bushee was an employee of USA Today owner Gannett, and Publisher Frank Vega is from the Gannett ranks as well, serving as USA Today’s first distribution manager back in the 1980s.

Here are the comments the Press Club got when we posted an item about the redesign Sunday morning.

The Society for Newspaper Design also got comments about it, and it planning to post an interview with Chron deputy managing editor Nanette Bisher regarding the new look.

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