While other media outlets are cutting back, Comcast SportsNet has opened a 37,000-square-foot production facility in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood that will employ more than 120 people. The new facility at 370 Third Street includes a 24-hour newsroom, HD production facilities and office space. You could also say it’s the broadcast home of the Giants, A’s, Warriors, Sharks, SaberCats, ‘Quakes, Cal and Stanford.

From this new home Comcast SportsNet plans to launch “SportsNet Central,” a daily local sports news shows that will air live 30-minute telecasts at 6 p.m., 10:30 p.m. and midnight starting April 6.

SportsNet will also start a daily hour-long program called “Chronicle Live,” featuring a rotating panel of sports experts from the newspaper and other sports authorities from the region. Hosted by Greg Papa, it will air at 5 p.m.

Since January 2008, SportsNet has hired more than 90 people, growing its staff of 30 employees to more than 120. On-air talent includes Damon Andrews, Mindi Bach, Dave Benz, Chuck Fisher, Kate Longworth, Matt Morrison, Greg Papa, Scott Reiss and Jaymee Sire.

Links: Comcast SportsNet press release Feb. 11, 2009; Multichannel.com; Comcast July 2008 press release on new facility.

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  1. Think it’s great SF Comcast SportsNet is forming..But I am a bit concerned and disturbed at the lack of minority on-air talent..Is Damon Andrews the only person of color that young blacks or minority viewers can identify with?
    Come on SF Comcast step up and do the right thing and please not more minority ex-athletes and white female sideline reporters.
    Don’t you think we’ve seen enough of that?

  2. “HD production facilities”???? How about broadcasting their real sports programming in HD! The Sharks, during this incredible season, were shown in low rez! Geez!

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