With KRON 4 owner Young Broadcasting entering Chapter 11, the spotlight has shifted to the company’s creditors, the people who are really in charge. RBR.comTVBR.com posits an interesting theory. A group called Silver Point Capital apparently owns a substantial piece of Young’s debt. Silver Point Capital also acquired Granite Broadcasting, owner of KOFY 20, through the bankruptcy process. “If we were running Silver Point, which we’re not, we would certainly have some interest in exchanging our big chunk of Young’s debt for KRON, creating a duopoly in the sixth largest US market,” writes RBR.comTVBR.com.

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  1. What the hell does Dean Singleton have to do with a deal between Young Broadcasting and Silver Point Capital? Or are you just doing some MediaNews-bashing just for the heck of it?

  2. Did we give Dean Singleton a chance to buy KRON? Wouldn’t that be great? You think KRON is bad now, wait and see what Singleton could do to the station. We’d get all our news from Denver just like all of Singleton’s BANG newspapers get their “local” news from every place but local.

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