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Josh Wolf mugged in San Francisco

Josh Wolf, who was jailed a record 226 days for protecting source materials, reports that he has now been mugged in San Francisco by an inmate he met in prison.

Wolf printed an account of his Feb. 4 mugging in the Palo Alto Daily Post, where he works as a reporter.

Wolf identified his attacker at Terrell Trammell, 28, who he met at the Dublin Federal Detention Center three years earlier. Wolf said he didn’t know why Trammell decided to mug him.

After work one evening, Wolf said he ran into Trammell at Volare’s Pizza at 456 Haight St., struck up a conversation and then left.

Wolf reports that Trammell is now in jail on robbery charges. He is not eligible for bail because he is on federal probation.

Wolf was sent to prison in 2006 by federal Judge William Alsup after he refused to testify before a federal grand jury about the identities and activities of protesters he had covered for his video blog, and for refusing to surrender his video outtakes. He was held in contempt of court for 226 days and was released after posting the video to his Web site.

[Full disclosure: The Press Club’s webmaster is Dave Price, an owner of the Daily Post.]

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