The last time we heard about Karel was in November when he had been fired from his part-time gig at KGO-AM for an obscenity laced tirade about Joe the Plumber while he thought his microphone was off. Now radio blogger Brad Kava reports that there are rumors Karel (real name Charles Karel Bouley) will be back on the air in a matter of days. He’s apparently landed a job at the KNGY-FM (92.7) Monday-Thursday 9 p.m. to midnight and on Monterey’s KRXA-AM (540) Monday-Wednesday, 9-midnight and Thursday 11-midnight. Neither station has posted anything on their Web sites, but Karel’s Web site has a countdown clock that would suggests his shows will start March 2. Meanwhile, no word on whether the FCC will fine KGO for Karel’s outburst. (Photo via

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  1. I think it’s good. I’m glad to have Karel back. You have to start somewhere.. Good for him – I can’t wait to hear Karel again!

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