Vernon Glenn says he’s been stripped of his weekend sports anchor slot but is still with KRON Channel 4. Now he has been reassigned to mid-week “VJ-reporter” work, according to blogger and KTRB-AM commentator Rich Lieberman. (A VJ reporter both reports on-air and operates a camera.)

Lieberman also reports that Glenn is also without a contract and he’s not making as much money as before.

“I have a 34-waist and I’m trying to fit into a 30-inch world,” said Glenn, who has been at KRON for 16 years.

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  1. Thank you Kron 4 for cutting Vernon Glenn's T.V. time. You did all of us that watch KPIX 5 sports a big favor. Now we have another pro to watch on weekends. Again thank you Happy viewer

  2. Did Mr. Glenn lose the weekend sports anchor post because of his neck problems? Is KRON4 now discriminating against the disabled? It is obvious that Mr. Glenn has a serious problem with his neck, but his disability does NOT prevent him from reading a TelePrompTer….

  3. I don’t know why he stayed at KRON in the first place. Seems like he could have easily gotten a sports anchor or reporting job at a station that people actually watch.

    See what loyalty gets you?

  4. Glenn now. Who next?

    Our community is becoming an ever duller place: a 24/7 Dr. Phil world preaching an alienated tough love.

    Without newscasters like Glenn to explain what is going on, we are cheating our next generation of local athletes– who can only look forward, under the best of circumstances, of becoming commodities.

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