The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz, in his story tomorrow on the death of the Rocky Mountain News and problems facing other large metros, quotes the Chron’s Phil Bronstein as sayng, “Most of the wounds are self-inflicted.” Rather than engage the audience, Bronstein says, “the public was seen as kind of messy and icky and not something you needed to get involved with.” Kurtz notes that the Chron’s newsroom staff has shrunk from 575 when Bronstein took over as editor in 2000 to 275 now. “It’s objectively true that there’s less in the paper,” Bronstein says. “You can’t deny a loss is a loss.”

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  1. Call it “reporter-assisted suicide” or the “death of a thousand cuts”, with the first cut the Chron’s coverage of the alleged “swastika incident” in the SFFD decades ago. This, followed by the near erasing of the Zebra killings from the city’s collective memory.

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