Bill Keller (left) is scheduled to speak April 2 prior to the dedication of the $3.75 million Lorry I. Lokey (right) Stanford Daily Building. The building opened its doors on Dec. 18 and the Jan. 6 edition of the Stanford Daily was the first to be produced from that facility located behind Old Union. At the April 2 dedication, Lokey (Stanford class of 1949 and founder of the Business Wire) will speak along with Keller. Keller’s talk is set for 3 p.m. in Kresge Auditorium with the dedication set for 4:30 at the Lokey building.

SF Press Club News


  1. He’s going to talk about the future of newspapers? How about whether the NYT has a future given all of its money problems. I mean they just sold their new building and borrowed against every asset they own. Their market cap is $500 million. HOpe he doesn’t try to tell the j-school types how to run a newspaper.

  2. in case people forgot, Keller and Judith Miller were responsible for printing lies about the WMD in Iraq. Keller printed bogus WMD info and Cheney talked about it on NBC. Keller and Cheney were quite a team.

    Keller should prosecuted for war crimes because he and NYT were responsible for the kiilings of our soldiers in Iraq.

    Why would anyone want to listen to a war criminal like Keller?

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