Finally, some encouraging news about the news business. Eve Batey (former Chron deputy ME for online and before that a co-founder and writer for SFist) is the editor and publisher of the new San Francisco Appeal. It looks like a site local news junkies will bookmark because it has a lot of original reporting.

“People are crazy hungry for journalism, they just don’t want it in the form a newspaper that appears on their doorstep,” Batey tells CBS5. The CBS5 report said Batey’s staff isn’t being paid, at least not initially. The Appeal is hoping to pay the bills with advertising.

Speaking of original reporting, Batey looks at some scenarios about who might buy the Chron.

Below is the CBS5 report that announces the start of SF Appeal.

SF Press Club News,


  1. Researchers have found people have a sharply lower reading comprehension for online material than in print. While looking at a computer screen, their eyes bounce around at key words, but they don’t remember very much. That’s why ads online aren’t nearly as effective as those in print. Too bad that newspapers are trading in a business model that works for something that doesn’t.

  2. here’s another question that needs to be asked: do people really read the advertisements with online news sites? And if we give away the news, as this one does, how do they expect to make money? Certainly not from advertising if no one is reading the ads.
    Seriously, how many of us really read those stupid ads on the NY Times web site? At least with the physical newspaper, you had the ad in hand and go through it, scour it for deals.

  3. does anybody publish statistics on how many pageviews sites like these get? i’ve seen such numbers for major national sites, like drudge and huffpost, but do these city-focused sites get many readers?

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