A couple of veteran political reporters, Jerry Roberts (left) and Phil Trounstine, have teamed up to launch a political blog called Calbuzz. Roberts is the former managing editor of the Chronicle who went on to edit the Santa Barbara News-Press. He resigned in 2006 saying owner Wendy McCaw was meddling in the newsroom. Trounstine is the former political editor for the Mercury News who quit to become Gov. Gray Davis’ communications director. They appear to have started Calbuzz on March 10 and have written stories every day since. In Calbuzz’s first story, on March 10, Roberts reflects on the Chronicle and says what he thinks the news business needs in the future.

Bay Area Media News

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  1. What this country needs is a newspaper that loves to do endless thumbsucking articles about how valuable they are without considering the reality that their customers have rejected the premise. Wonder if we will ever see that.

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