TechCrunch has moved from the Atherton home of founder and co-editor Michael Arrington to a 6,000-square-foot office in downtown Palo Alto, at Lytton Avenue and Bryant Street. Arrington said his neighbors didn’t appreciate him running a business with 10 employees from his home and office space is cheap now. He writes:

    I’ll miss having TechCrunch at my house, where my commute time was measured in seconds and I was always surrounded by fascinating people who dropped by for interviews.

    But there was the downside, too. There was absolutely no separation from my work and personal life. And for some reason crazy (usually European) entrepreneurs felt the urge to stop by at any time without warning and, if I didn’t answer the door, simply break in. And having TechCrunch staff wander into and out of my house at random times wasn’t always great, either.

The Palo Alto Daily News and Mercury News have a report on the move with details on why he left Atherton.

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