Michael S. Sherrod, a former AOL executive, is now a former Examiner.com executive. Sherrod had been in charge of the Examiner’s Internet operations since February 2007. During that time his unit launched a citizen journalism programs where unpaid writers would blog about their area of expertise. These experts became known as “examiners.”

Rick Blair will serve as interim CEO of Examiner.com while Fritz Anderson will serve as Examiner.com president while the company looks for a permanent replacement for Sherrod.

A press release emphasized that the Examiner is going to continue its citizen blogger program: “Recently Examiner.com welcomed its 4,000th Examiner to the organization. The company has no plans of slowing down. The company’s growth comes from referrals by existing Examiners, site visitors who convert to Examiners, and various marketing initiatives and programs.”

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  1. If the Examiner website ever becomes successful, somebody should investigate to see how many sock puppets there are among these citizen journalists “examiners.” Every PR firm in town probably has a couple of “examiners” on their staff, doing blogs to help out their clients.

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