Chron editor at large Phil Bronstein, on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball,” said the honeymoon between the media and Obama is over. “The New York Times hasn’t exactly been an opponent of Mr. Obama’s (but) they threw all of their sharpest objects at him on Sunday.”

Matthews asked Bronstein why Obama didn’t take questions from any major newspapers. “That’s a question that could be grim for me to answer. I think he was looking for diversity and he got a plus score from most people on that,” Bronstein said.

Later, at about 8 minutes into the segment, as Matthews and guest Lawrence O‘Donnell gushed about the job NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is doing cleaning up Wall Street, Bronstein said, “You two guys can obsess about East Coast politics. We’re not obsessed about East Coast politics here.”

That brought on a lecture by Matthews about the importance of Washington and a reference to San Francisco and mood rings.

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  1. President Obama hasn't had a "honeymoon" since he first sat down in the Oval Office. He has been an involuntary, less than literal but more than figurative punching-bag for both the right — Tea Baggers/racists/ hate- preaching "Christians"/"birthers"/ "patriots"/McVeigh-style militia- types/rabid anti-abortionists/most news "pundits," to whom add Bronstein — and some of the left: "He hasn't DONE enough!" a silly-season remark that discounts all he's done in the short time (15 months) he's been in office. During that time, he's been faced by a unanimously hostile Party of No in Congress, whose members can proudly claim they are egging on (I saw it on TV!) and incorporating into their own the idiotic, overlapping ideologies of radical-right wingers (see above), with Our Lady of the Tea Bags Sarah Palin, whom Mr. Obama by his election kept from becoming vice-president, smiling benignly over all. Even the New York Times purportedly "threw all of [its] sharpest objects at him on Sunday." Well, well. I'm sure the Times will now grovel at Obama's feet in abject remorse that it was responsible for ending the halcyon days of what surely has to be the bumpiest "honeymoon" on record for a president in generations.

  2. Obama didn’t call on the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall St. Journal or USA Today … He did call on reporters from all of the networks. And AP always gets the first question in presidential news conferences.

  3. “..take questions from major newspapers.” First question was from AP. That’s as “major” as you can get. The AP has had a monopoly on news since UPI hit the iceberg in the 1980s.

  4. Matthews and Bronstein share one attribute–the inability to draw an audience to justify their over-hyped reputations. MSNBC specializes in these type programs featuring the othewise unemployable.

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