The Press Club is compiling a list of Chronicle staffers who have accepted the company’s buyout. If you can help us, please send an e-mail to

One name we can add to the list is Carl Hall, longtime Chron reporter and Guild rep. Hall told the SF Weekly’s Joe Eskenazi: “I haven’t done it yet. I will march in with a colleague with our arms locked in a suicide pact. And if either of us gets weak at the knees. …”

The Chron is asking for 150 Guild members in news and advertising to accept a voluntary buyout by Tuesday, March 31. If fewer than 150 take the buyout, then the paper will make up the difference with layoffs. Those who jump now can receive their pension in a lump sum payment while others have to wait until age 65.

Hall said he anticipates that number will easily grow to 100 or perhaps even 150 by Tuesday’s deadline. (Photo credit: SF Weekly file, Jen Siska, December 2007)

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  1. So the Chron management got exactly what they wanted regardless of the union.

    And how about the union giving up seniority? If I was a long-time Chron worker who has been paying my guild dues each month for 30 years, I would be pretty pissed that the guild sold me down the river.

    The newspaper business is dying, but the newspaper guilds are already dead because, sad to say, they’re irrelevant.

  2. And what would you have done as head of the Chronicle union when Hearst asked for major concessions and threatened to close the paper if they weren’t achieved, only weeks after closing the print edition of another paper, the Seattle P-I?

  3. Love the quote at the end of the story: “I have a bright future in the labor movement.”

    What labor movement? The only movement they make now is to bend over for management.

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