John Farley, NBC Bay Area’s chief meteorologist, announced to viewers last night that he was leaving the station. He did not say where he was going or why he was leaving. His announcement surprised viewers, many of whom left comments on the NBC Bay Area Web site.

Farley joined KNTV in March 1996 as the morning meteorologist and moved to evenings in September 1998. He was the weather anchor at 5, 6 and 11. According to NBC Bay Area’s Web site, he holds a master’s degree in meteorology from San Jose State University. Prior to Channel 11, he was a weather producer at KRON. His bio says he worked on a project aimed at developing short-term fog forecasts for San Francisco International Airport, which earned an award from the FAA. (Photo credit: NBC Bay Area Web site)

UPDATE, MARCH 31:Farley was let go in a cost-cutting move, the Merc’s Sal Pizarro reports today. “He’s a class act and I hope there’s better weather ahead for him,” Pizarro writes.

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  1. John was just "released" from the local NBC affiliate in South Carolina, WISTV. He had been working 24 hours straight reporting on the 1000 year flood we are experiencing. Unbelievable professionalism. They notified him right before he had to do an intense regional update. NBC at play again here as well. The guy moved across the country to an NBC affiliate to take a 2nd tier position in his loved field of meteorology. Typical money grubbing NBC…

  2. I must say john farley is popular guy..we love him here in columbia south carolina..he is a great weather man..go john!

  3. I finally read his dossier after my wife asked where he was from (he lacks the Southern drawl of many other local news personalities) and I was curious what would make him leave the Bay Area for the "Armpit of the South". This old article explains it perfectly.

  4. We love John here in Columbia, SC at WIS TV. He is a class act and fits in perfectly with the professional news staff on that station.

  5. I live in Columbia SC and I'll admit it took John Farley a while to get used to things here, but it looks like he's fitting in just fine. He was covering an event and got his first taste of shrimp and grits and loved it, he lost track of how many cups he had. LOL

  6. What the hell is going on at NBC11, many of the seasoned newscast team members are being let go. John Farley the first, and now Lisa Kim???????? My evenings will never be the same… Lisa is one of THE best in the business, she will be greatly missed….

  7. I was at a birthday party yesterday and heard that John Farley was on another local station. I was happy about that! I was born in San Jose and grew up in Cupertino, and I've watched NBC news since 1992, when I became a Santa Clara resident. I'd always had a hard time understanding weather stuff but John made it easy to understand and made it exciting. Don and I met him at a public event in San Jose in 2006, while he was doing the evening weather there, and even got pictures with him. Since then (and before he left NBC), I/we've seen him in public a few times. He's been great to talk to us and answer all of my weather questions. I would've boycotted NBC news but we can't get 2, 4, 5, or 7 with our antenna conversion box. I will certainly try, however! Good luck to you, John!

  8. John , where is John… we do miss him ,, I hope he is doing well . I wish we could still watch him doing the weather. Hopefully he is doing bigger and better things. He was a real asset to KNTV .Bring back JOHN……..!!

  9. Well…! I found out where John Farley is…sort of. The KNTV Wikipedia article online states that he is currently employed by PG&E! I'm glad to hear he has a job, anyway, and hopefully a good one! I'd like to see him being their weather related spokesperson, like Linton Johnson is for BART and Susan Schiavo is for the Santa Clara County Water District. (both former KNTV alumni)

  10. I hve been trying to find out why John left KNTV 11 and I have just found out and I am very disappointed with KNTV for letting John go. You will never find anyone good enough to replace john and my hopes are that you realize this and bring him back.

  11. Where has John ended up? He was easily the best weatherman I have ever watched (over 50 years). I'm no longer interested in watching Channel 11 News, as the replacements for John are all far inferior. If I could find John on another station, I would surely watch it instead.

  12. I was so sorry to find out that John Farley was let go. He really knew his weather.
    I just feel sorry for a young man like him losing his job when he has a family to support.
    I think the TV station should start cutting from the top.


    Was replacing John Farley with Jeff Ranieri a cost cutting effort as originally explained or something else? NBC Bay Area terminated one of its most knowledgeable people and replaced him with a high paid hacker. NBC made a big mistake.

    With the fire season upon us we need someone with experience about Bay Area weather to deliver our news.


  14. I still miss John Farley, who was easily the most intelligent weather analyst I have EVER seen (or read) in any venue, anywhere that I have lived, and I have lived all over the country. I find myself trying to dream up ways he could post a weather blog for the Bay Area and us loyalists could pay to read it. Please, if anyone finds out where he is going, post it somewhere that can be found. Thanks!

  15. I think it is time to bring John back. His replacement clearly doesn't have a clue…his forecast was only off by 15 degrees yesterday!!!!

  16. I am disappointed in NBC11 for letting go of John Farley. He was so much more than a weather man. He was a personality involved locally with the people of the Bay who need our help. I am sadly disappointed. CBS is looking better and better….. 🙁

  17. So now I know why John is gone. I didn't see his farewell, as I'm an evening worker. I did see when Jeff Raineri started, and heard him say that he came from Manhattan.

    What a shame! I was afraid of John being let go a few years back when the station turned into NBC, and I was happily surprised then to see he was promoted instead, and I breathed a welcome sigh of relief.

    What a totally stupid move on KNTV's part! Now I'm really PO'd to find out why John disappeared, and they've just lost ANOTHER viewer!

    John is a heckuva wonderful guy that I had the honor of once meeting, with a wonderful heart who always has done great things for the community. I hope he got a generous severance package, and I fervently hope that he finds another position on air here in the Bay Area.

    Another stupid firing was Clear Channel letting long time announcer and program manager Laurie Roberts at KFOX go. What is wrong with these media outlets?? Is cutting off their noses to spite their face all they think about??


  18. From your blog, I just realized what happened to John Farley. I will not be a "loyal" channel 11 tv watcher any longer because I have lost respect with this unfair action. It is the community's loss of a fine, enthusiastic, Spartan who is an expert in his field. This decision was a MISTAKE!

  19. John Farley was a great friend! I have meet him in person in 2007 while attending a public event in Fremont

    In 2008, I was invited to the NBC 11 studios for a live taping of the Bay Area's NBC 11. I will truly miss John Farley @ NBC Bay Area!

  20. What a sad commentary on our San Jose news station that people are not retained for their talents, contributions to this city and the great job they do. John knew this city, and you could tell he loved it also. All the people and causes he helped, all the citizens of this city he touched. Channel 11 should be ashamed of themselves for throwing away a good man, a good and decent man. I have lived in this city for 41 years and have seen a lot of news people come and go. The suits made a big mistake when they dismissed John. John, we at the Latham household love you and will miss you. Our prayers are with you and your family. God speed dear friend.

  21. I too, will miss John Farley. I also watched Channel 11 because he was the meteorologist/weatherman. I tried to watch the new guy. I didn't really like him. John was the most accurate and his delivery was good. I will be watching another channel because he isn't there.

    I might still watch for the Lisa, and Jessica, but I'll be changing the channel to find a better weather person.

  22. Diane Dwyer may be a liberal – but I worked with her back in the "St. Patrick's Day" days and always found her to be charming…

    Granted, that was 20 years ago!:)

  23. John is a great weatherman and the main reason we watched kntv news. we miss him terribly and now wathc a different channel. please bring him back!

  24. The only reason I watched NBC 11 was John's local weather forecast. The rest of the news crew and the NBC/NBC 11 "Editorial Policy" make me sick. They will learn just like the New York Times & L.A. Times that people just don't want to listen to thier bias drivel. Then they will blame it on the internet when they are going broke.
    Former Viewer
    San Jose, CA

  25. John is being replaced by one of the meteorologists from the former NBC Weather Plus Channel…Jeff Ranieri

  26. It’s already May 15th and I just figured out why I hadn’t seen John on the weather. I couldn’t understand why when I tuned in to KNTV he wasn’t there. I had missed the farewell night. Through out all the comments there was no mention of his community outreach to schools. I had seen him do a weather shot at an elementary school and so asked him to come to speak at the Community Day School where I am principal. He didn’t hesitate to speak to these “at risk” kids and the kids loved it. He truly has a special gift for teaching and is passionate about his topic .
    Thanks, John, for the community outreach to schools . Please know that it was truly appreciated.

  27. You have got to be kidding me. I can’t believe they let John go. He was a great personality and he knew what he was talking about. As far as I know he was the only one to call Katrina correctly, long before it hit New Orleans.

    Bob in Belmont.

  28. We are so sad and upset NBC 11 let John go! Shame on them! We will now NOT watch KNTV! Also, Diane Dwyer is horrible! Why didn’t they let her go? She is so liberal and stupid! Also, Lisa Kim’s voice is deep and annoying! Diane Dwyer thrives on bad news! She actually looks happy that there is negative news to report!!!! Disgusting! We are only going to watch Channel 5 and 7 now for our local news! God Bless you John! You were a blessing!

  29. I wrote to KNTV shortly after finding out that they let him go. They sent me an email back saying that John had left on his own to pursue other avenues. They plain LIED about how he left….need to find another station to watch the news on now. He will be missed by our entire family.

  30. GOOD RIDDANCE!!! John Farley was awful, my biggest pet peeve w/ him was he had a terrible habit of standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the Bay Area on his weather maps, so I never knew what was coming our way. He was totally UNWATCHABLE, all his teases were exactly the same – all a variation of “how will the weather affect your weekend plans”, he was so boring, good enough for the Salinas market maybe, but definitely not cut out for a Top 10 market. Especially when they would (rarely) send him out to do live shots at community events — complete crap, his interviews were awful, and he just looked awkward in front of the camera. Of course this is true of half of the reporters at NBC11 (especially Marianne Favro and Tracie Grant, they are the worst, not to mention George Kiriyama who needs to speak slower and learn to enunciate). Goodbye John, I will not miss you on tv. then again I rarely watch Ch 11, I didn’t even notice he was gone. Maybe he should do radio, that way I don’t have to watch his “deer caught in headlights” on-camera look. I hope he’s not reading this, I know I sound cruel, but you know, the truth hurts. Ever since 11 lost Shannon O’Donnell I haven’t been able to watch them! Get some women in there!!!!

  31. I’m sorry John is gone. Since the station mutated into by essentially dumping all the staff who made it a SJ station (Moore, Scura, many of the reporters), the “feel” of the station has changed. Why do I care what’s happening in Orinda, for example? I can put on KGO or KPIX for that kind of focus. I like Rob Mayeda, and Raj Mathai, and I’m glad Scott Budman among others are still there, but Sinkovitz and Aguirre are too San Francisco for my taste, since they’re both KRON/KGO alumni.

  32. If I win the lottery – I will pay for your annual salary to have you deliver the weather as you have the last 10 years for me!!
    John – my nights are not quite the same since you left. It was my nightly ritual before bed – watch John Farley and Raj and then sleep. It pains me to watch Rob now (I know… not fair to the new guy… but… he’s a nice guy, but does not deliver the weather as you do and it is not John Farley – the man with such community spirit and always in a good mood – made each night a pleasant one.) It is a HUGE Bay Area loss – and you can see it on Jessica and Lisa’s face when they do the news too. I (and thounsands of people around the Bay are sad) – There is no other weather person – even on the other news stations that come close.

  33. It’s shamefull the way NBC11 treated John Farley. It sounds like his popularity meant nothing to management. I hope lots of viewers voice there outrage.

  34. I’m disappointed in NBC 11. The least they could have done was to offer John Farley less money and keep him on. They couldn’t even follow an example set by President Obama.”take a haircut now or take a bath later”. I’m sure most people in John’s shoes would have chosen the haircut.

  35. I too am outraged that NBC let John Farley go because of money. He was your biggest draw on the nightly news. You have lost another viewer because of your terrible decission.

  36. I’m disappointed to learn he was let go although I suspected that based on his farewall. He will be hard to replace and I’m not sure I will continue to tune into NBC for their weather report.

  37. I can’t believe NBC let John Farley go. He was the reason I watched the news at 6 and 11. I found his weather reports to be the most accurate for our South Bay. I will no longer watch the local NBC news as a protest. John was not only a good meteoerologist but a good community member as well. I hope his efforts with the turkey drives continues!

  38. When I heard that John Farley was leaving, I assumed that he’d been tapped for a bigger and better position, but to hear that he was simply let go is a shock. It’s a great loss for his many loyal viewers and the community as a whole. I recall that I once called the NBC weather phone number with a question and was stunned when a short time later I got a return call from John himself. Nice, professional and as “real” as could be.
    He doesn’t deserve this and I hope he does get all he does deserve after all he has contributed.
    KNTV made a big mistake.

    A long time fan of John Farley

  39. I will surely miss John, not only for his professional weather pres!entations, but also for all of the community service work he did. He is not only a true professional, but a very caring individual that will be truly missed from this News Channel. Being a Meteoerologist is no easy task. But John made it look so easy and always had real style in his presentation! We will miss you Mr. John Farley!

  40. I am now watching ABC/KGO 7. I think KNTV is not responding to the needs of their viewing community and since John left, I no longer have any need to watch the same news I can watch on any other channel. I have tracked weather from all sources, including The Weather Channel, Weather Bug and other newscasts, and John was consistently the most accurate. I hope some local station has the sense that KNTV doesn’t, and hires John so he stays local. KNTV, you LOSE.

  41. John please stay in the area. CH 11 I do not want National Weather, I live here. When I travel there are enough national news ch’s to look to when needed. John has done a great job with the weather, news, community, and especially a role model as a father (greatly needed in today’s world in the great Bay Area). Thank you John for all you have done simply by being you. My wife and I truly appreaciate all you have done. Danny

  42. John will be missed. He was a class act and it was apparent on his last night that everyone was upset especially Lisa Kim as well as John. I hope he will be able to stay in this area in some way as he has many friends here and this is home to him. He brought a great personality to a boring subject. I hope he at least got a good severance package. It is a shame.

  43. Bad move for NBC11. Rule #1 – keep the talent. They let go the best talent the station had. Won’t be watching the nightly news on that station any longer.

  44. John is the only bright spot on channel 11. i watch only because of him. he always seemed like a very nice person without mean bone in his body. I hope another local channel hires him or that he goes on to bigger and better!!

  45. I am very of John leaving NBC. He was one of my main reason for watching that channell.

    My best wishes for him and his family. I truly hope, he is staying in the bay area.

    Suzanne Fitzgerald

  46. When NBC bought the Weather Channel last summer for $5 billion, they decided to dump all their local weather people.

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