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Merc cuts distribution to San Francisco

KTVU Channel 2 reported Sunday that the Mercury News is stopping delivery its weekday edition to San Francisco or other outlying areas, effective today.

“Economic factors force us to focus our delivery resources on our local market, so this change is being mae on all subscription deliveries in this region,” the Merc’s vp of circulation, Dan Smith, said in a letter to subscribers. Sunday home delivery will continue in those areas.

In 2000, the Mercury News was so enthusiastic about San Francisco that it started a separate edition for the city. It lasted nine months. That was back in the dot-com days, when the region’s papers were brimming with money thanks in large part to help wanted ads due to the tech boom.

Channel 2’s Maureen Naylor interviewed Pacifica residents who will no longer be able to get the daily edition of the Merc. One said, “You know there was a time I’d come out to get my paper and all up and down the street, you’d see them on the driveways. Then I realized I was the last one.”

Another Pacifica resident said, “I still continue to read the paper and always will no matter how much it costs because it is something that us older people look forward to doing.”

Naylor said the Merc plans to begin an online e-edition, separate from its Web site, for readers who want to pay for the daily paper but aren’t in an area where it is delivered.

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